For the workers, for the people. 

Powr House Brand Since 1929

Powr House was formed with a simple yet ambitious vision in mind. We wanted to craft reliable workwear for people all around the world. If you’re putting in a hard days work then you need to be prepared. Which is why here at Powr House we work tirelessly to craft workwear that not only looks great but lasts. Strong, durable and crafted to perfection; each of our pieces are designed with the worker in mind so you can get more out of your work day for less.


We originally formed back in 1879 under the Montgomery Ward & Co label. By 1950 we had sixty Powr House brands situated all over the USA. 2001 marked the end of Montgomery Ward & Co and we are now working hard to revitalize the brand for the modern market. Our goal is to provide high-quality work gear that is not only durable and reliable but looks great. We are based out of the US though aim to eventually reach people on a global level.


The name Powr House originates from our mission. To become a powerhouse of people working hard to provide our customers with top quality workwear. Customer satisfaction has and always will be at the forefront of our agenda as we continue to create an experience that’s second to none. From the moment you choose a piece of apparel of our store to the second it’s shipped to your door, we endeavour to make your experience with us unforgettable. We are for the people. The ones looking for an effective, stylish and reliable solution to all of their work needs.